Ignite Your Freedom Fire

Is Your “Light” Hiding in the Dark?

Ignite Your Soul's Freedom Fire

You Can Move past Fear, Trauma, Pain, Physical problems & Stuck-ness!

But, you will never “think” your way out of it!

7 Steps for Living Truth, Beauty & Essential Well Being

……and the first step is……..

Come here! Lean in close for a moment….. take a deep breath……no, don’t scrunch your shoulders up……let that breath MOVE! ….way deep into your belly, carrying with it a gift of Life, down to the depths of the Freedom Fire nestled below your navel…….allow it to ignite the Fire and feel the warmth that moves through you when you take a moment to stop and bathe your Self with it’s glow. Let it out slowly, “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…” place your hand on your belly, try a few more of these breaths and embrace the stillness that comes.

Do that from now on, every day, for the rest of your life!

Take a deep breath and inhale Life. Let go of nervous, afraid, anxious, practical, pragmatic, should, would, could! Recognize how beautiful you really are and let the fire burn away everything that keeps you from SHINING BIG! ……….an alchemical moment, lead into gold.

You can do it, you can be it, you can Live it!

Alchemical Moments shift your health, creativity and life experience.

Are you wondering, “Where’s the magic?”    “Why don’t I feel better?”   “Why  I am I so stuck?”   “What the heck am I here for?”   “Is anything ever going to really change?”  “What’s it going to take to find freedom from pain, anxiety, hopelessness, boredom?”

Do you go through your day on auto-pilot wondering why you don’t feel filled up with life, struggling with a physical ailment or a problem that just won’t go away? Are you sensitive and wondering how you can stand living in this world one more second some days?

On my healing journey I found there were 7 Important concepts that helped me to break free, regain my health and connect to my Essential Self. I passed through these steps more than once, like a spiral, and each time my life deepened beyond measure….. I remember the first time my mind went completely quiet; for two weeks, no chatter…… it was so freeing! Then there was the time I lived strictly from my heart for 1 1/2 years. I had to! My heart would squeeze every time I tried to do something it didn’t want to do. I discovered a lot about living “in the present moment” during that time. I was not sick one day for that entire year and a half!

If you would like to know more about these 7 Steps take a look at this article, nothing to sign up for, just feel free to read or download if you want. 7 Steps to Truth, Beauty & Essential Well Being


Who am I?

Hi, I’m Marilyn Edwards. I help people move through deep change and stuck places in their lives. Sometimes these problems manifest physically, sometimes mentally, emotionally, spiritually, in relationships or in careers. I had a problem “finding my niche” because I work with many different types of people and situations. I finally realized the common denominator in my work is that I help people break free from old, often subconscious or even family of origin patterning and step into freedom and healing in their lives. The results are better health, more creativity, improved relationships, peace and more.

I’m on the journey, same as you. I’ve been at it for awhile and have gone through many difficult situations in my life. On the way I found a bit of wisdom, knowledge and a lot of Love I’d feel honored to share with you. I’m an Intuitive, holistic health practitioner, a spiritual life guide and neuro-muscular massage therapist. You can read a little more about me Here.


A Helping Hand

I would love to work with you and share what I have learned that can help you find freedom and health. I know you can feel better, love yourself more and see how awesome you really are! I offer private healing sessions and bodywork, VIP days, workshops & classes, and Nature days. I am available to work in person, online or via the phone. For more info on my services Click Here.

Magical Things to Help you Shine

On this life journey a few things have come to me that seem to help ignite the Freedom Fire, Calm the Soul and bring Joy. I was given insight and formulas for aromatherapy during meditation which I then researched to assure myself they really were what my guidance had shown me! You can check them out Here. In addition I make Flower Essence formulas, creams, salves and herbal steams that will be added to the online store soon. I also make personalized formulas.


A gift from me to you!

I offer a free long distance healing session on the Solstices and Equinoxes. It is a Seasons Balance session that taps into the prevailing energy and helps you integrate and understand the energy for the season. You will receive an email with information after the session that can help you balance your body and you heart with the current season. For more information and to sign up Go Here.

I will be adding another free gift soon, a meditation for releasing a Compulsive Behavior. Sign up for my list and you will be notified when it is ready. You can sign up right underneath the Nature sprite in the upper right hand corner of the site!