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The Stats…

I have been a holistic health practitioner and life guide in St. Augustine, FL for the past 21 years.  I employ a wide variety of treatments and interests that include aromatherapy, biofeedback, body work, fengshui, ho-oponopono, flower essence therapy, intuition, healing with sound, raw food, nutrition, One Brain education and various energy therapies to help you make deep, lasting change in your life.

As a holistic health practitioner my practice includes working with people, animals, plants, homes and land. I bring my Intuitive gifts, education and a dedication to living a lifestyle that embraces Love and Grace to my work. For me,  Love and Grace is the most potent force of health and abundance.

I thought you might like to know…..

I am grateful to share my journey with you. It is my true heart’s desire to help you awaken to the beauty, creativity and grace that is at the core of your Being. If, by sharing some information or insight that I have gained over the years, I am able to help you in that regard I consider it a blessing.

I passed through some fires in my time; physical problems that included long term pain and an inability to walk, abuse memories surfacing, addiction and alcohol problems with loved ones, career setbacks, and more. Somehow, even though at times it felt like an insurmountable task, I managed to continue to see the beauty in life and was able to use those situations to deepen my connection to my inner wisdom and freedom fire.

I think passing through those trials left me uniquely suited to help you get through similar situations. I can sit with you when you can’t see your own beauty and help you remember it is still there. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, be in pain, suffer loss and abuse. In reality, these situations are real gifts and a chance to let go of so much that doesn’t serve you and begin to live with radical authenticity. There is an aliveness inside that is waiting to be set free!

I tried a few paths in this life time. 🙂  When I was younger I worked as a waitress. I attended college at the age of 17, by 19 I was an artist and crafts-person with my work in Julies Artisian’s Gallery on Madison Avenue in New York, a gallery which is still in existence today. I even bought a shoe repair shop and actually repaired shoes for awhile in addition to my artwork. It had lots of great machines I needed!

My father died when I was 21 and I traveled to Europe where I lived in Switzerland and worked in a small cafe. I learned French and found out what really great chocolate tasted like! When I returned to the United States I became interested in conquering a fear of the ocean which led to me working on boats for 13 years, 11 of them as a boat captain. I faced many situations in Nature, including 50-60 foot seas….I came to know fear intimately during that journey and I also learned a lot about what was important in life. It just didn’t seem to matter so much after that experience if the plumber showed up late. LOL   When I quit the sea I wanted to do something with my intuition, natural healing abilities and interest in holistic health. I began my journey in alternative healing and became a holistic health practitioner.

I have spent the last 21 years learning and working with alternative healing modalities, intuition and opening my own awareness to the truth that we are all One. This is not a trite phrase for me. I live each day to remember this. I share this information about my life with you so that you can know a little about me and understand the combination of things that I bring to the table when I work with you.

My life path has allowed me to experience many situations that required courage, creativity, patience and love. Sometimes I really struggled to find those qualities within myself. I met many different types of people. I feel this gave me the opportunity to understand that underneath it all, no matter our interests, looks or language, we all have the same basic hopes, dreams and desire for Love.

I also believe that our connection to Nature and the Earth is key to our happiness. As a society we have lost our understanding of the cycles of Nature and the incredible magic that awaits us when we take a few moments to pay attention to what surrounds us there. I believe we can no longer pretend this connection doesn’t exist and that it is imperative for us to nourish it for our own well being as well as that of the planet. Humans constantly immersed in a keyboard are not usually happy, aware people.

As far as I know, the best assistance I could offer you is to help you remember that you have [inside of you] everything you are seeking. Your deep inner wisdom, freedom fire and creativity are just waiting to be set free!

To help you know a little more about me I have listed some of the therapies I trained in below.  There are so many wonderful tools today to assist you in creating a better life for yourself and I believe they will all work if you apply them. They work when your heart is ready to change and open to Love. The doors they open all lead to the same place if you are willing to go through them and walk the path revealed by them……..and then… you recognize divinity dancing.

Much Love,


Nationally Certified Biofeedback Therapist on the SCIO device – an advanced quantum biofeedback device

Certified One Brain Facilitator and Educator – an education to balance brain function, release emotional and physical stress and create harmony of body/mind/spirit which was originally derived for children with learning disabilities

State of Florida Licensed Massage Therapist– Lic. # MA012492

Certified Neuro-muscular Therapist – injury and postural re-integration

Reiki Master – a type of energy work

Certified Reconnection Practitioner all levels

Certified Black Sect Feng Shui Practitioner – balancing energy in the home and on the land

Aromatherapist – 19 years of practice and developed line of aromatherapy products (originally for my healing practice)

Matrix Energetics – I am not yet a certified practitioner but have completed Levels 1-3 of this education.

Ho-oponopono – Foundation of I training with Dr. Hew Len

Ordained Minister – Universal Life Church

I am currently enrolled at IQUIM in a doctoral program in Energy Medicine and Quantum Naturopathy.

I’d love to help you transform your life. If you think we might be a good fit my practice is Namaste Healing Center located in St. Augustine, FL and I see people by appointment only. I am also available to work by phone or Skype and periodically travel to Jacksonville, FL to provide appointments. I offer workshops and seminars. You may call or email me to make an appointment. For more info you can go Here.



Namaste Healing Center

2180 A1A South #202

St. Augustine, FL 32080

FL Lic. # MM31298  MA12492