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Open your Heart……

Clear your Mind……

Connect with Nature……

How can we learn to live through our Heart’s Awareness?

Why should we?

  • Are you longing for a better world? Do you want a life filled with creativity, love, friendship, health, and prosperity?
  • Do you know that your Heart is  more powerful electromagnetically than your brain?
  • Do you know that your brain needs to quiet down and not “talk” incessantly if you want to use it in it’s most powerful mode?
  • Do you know that every cell of your body holds  “consciousness” and is constantly communicating with everything else?
  • Are you interested in understanding how all of this affects your idea of  “who you are and what you can do”?
  • Have you thought about the fact that You are part of Nature and what that means?

Nature is not just something we go out into…….we “are” a part of  it and we are totally connected to the earth. This means, everything we are doing to the earth, animals and each other is affecting us all the time. I believe we are beginning to get that message strongly, especially with the earthquakes, tsunami and nuclear problems in Japan at this time. Each day more is happening to bring this message home to us.

We are only beginning to understand the capacities of our heart and mind to affect reality.  Our bodies are powerful tools through which we journey through life and consciousness.

We are connected to all life and all life is connected to us. This is being shown scientifically. It is time to understand ourselves and how every action we take affects everything around us. We are not “separate from” anything. Life takes on a new meaning and form when we really wake up to this fact.

Learn to create a new dream with an open heart and clear mind and you will manifest joy, prosperity and peace.

Opening your Heart, healing your Body, re-connecting to Nature and retraining your Mind will Change Your Life. It is worth the time! The ease that awaits you is worth every minute, every breath, every penny you use to educate and remind yourself of your true mastery.

The benefits of waking up to the Truth of how incredibly powerful and wonderful you are and what a gift your physical body is are beyond your imagination. We are just beginning to remember the miracles and magic Life can offer.

The power of Grace envelops us in every breath. All sacred words, healing modalities, and spiritual teachings direct us towards the Awareness that…..

The Truth of our Being is a place of simplicity and stillness beyond the mind.


Aromatherapy, Intuitive Feng Shui, Biofeedback, Flower Essences, Energy therapies, and others all have a wonderful place in the healing repertoire but the greatest knowledge is of the  Grace living within each and every one of us.

It is my pleasure to offer you information that may assist you in recognizing the light within yourself that is attuned to your most creative, peaceful and fulfilled Self.

Become a powerful agent for peace and change in the world. Live in trust, ease and understanding while embracing a true sense of abundance.    Honor all Life.

Namaste, Marilyn

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Below is a great tool that can be used daily to assist you in recognizing when you are really “In your Heart”.  I highly recommend the Emwave device developed by HeartMath Institute. I first worked with the concept of heart coherancy in 1997. Back then the devices to measure this were complex and required major training to comprehend.
HeartMath has developed a handheld device that can help you to “know” when you are in your heart. You can de-stress, improve your health and open your heart with the assistance of this device. It makes it easy to practice everyday. Click below to find out more about HeartMath and the Emwave.

emWave Personal Stress Reliever

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