Angelica Root Oil


Angelic Root

Angelica Archangelica

Ahh, the oil of angels!

The essential oil of Angelica root has a wonderfully clean but deep aroma to me. Emotionally and spiritually it seems to calm and clean at the same time. I have found angelica root oil to be very useful in assisting clients in releasing old traumas and helping them to return to a state of equilibrium after a shock or negative experience. It helps to clean the auric field and aid people in letting go and moving on. This oil travels to the brow or third eye chakra and seems to fill the head with light. It also assists in opening and cleansing the solar plexus chakra. It is a major component in our Purification & Protection blend. 

Angelica root may also be used for dull skin, exhaustion, gout, psoriasis, and toxin build-up.

Angelica Root Oil   

Botanical Name: Angelica archangelica

Method of Extraction: Steam distilled or CO2 extract

Perfumery note: Base

Description: Fresh, peppery, woody, herbaceous

Angelica Root essential oil can have a light, slightly peppery top note that is attributed to phellandrane, a monoterpane. This is the dominant component. The middle notes are herbaceous-earthy and woody and “slightly musky animal-like with a spicy undertone.” Lactones; minor components occurring in small amounts cause these “special effects” and are probably the reason Angelica Root Oil blends and harmonizes so well. One of these lactones is Cyclopentadecanolide. 

Angelica Root Oil is highly respected in the aromatics industry. It blends well with Patchouli, Opopanax, Costus, Sage Clary, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Coumarin, Citrus Colognes, and Oriental Bases.

To help you use aromatherapy more successfully I want to recommend one of the best books I have ever read on chakras, New Chakra Healing by Cyndi Dale. As you learn the effects of certain oils and the attributes of the chakras it will help you to know where to apply them and how to use them. This book was published in 1996 and is still one of the best.

Dislaimer: All information given here is either derived from references on aromatherapy and perfumery or is the personal opinion of  the author. It is not meant to be construed in anyway as medical advice. If you have a condition that requires medical attention, please seek the advice of your doctor.

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