Aromatherapy Brochure

If you are interested, I just recently received my completed aromatherapy brochure. It has information on some of the formulas that I have used successfully in my alternative healing  practice for 15 years and are available for sale on the website. I have many more, which I will list and make available at a later date.

The brochure has a couple of cool aura photos showing the difference in the energy field after using Earth Heart. That was interesting! It also gives a quick explanation on what each product can be used for. I will soon have a more complete manual on how to apply and use each of these formulas. For now, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me. I can also make these formulas available for massage therapist in larger volume or as 100 % pure essential oil that you can mix as you wish. Thanks for taking a look. Download Our Brochure

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