Earth Heart Special

Special Edition for Earth Day

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Earth Heart

Earth Heart

Hi All,

Here is your link for purchasing the special edition of Earth Heart that I have created in honor of Earth Day and the energies needed this year to help connect with nature.

Earth Heart is a blend that was given to me as I journeyed to the Heart of the Earth in a healing session many years ago. In the vision, I was out west in the lands of the red rocks….similar to the area around Sedona, AZ.

I saw in a distance the horses coming for me……they came and took me to a place where very tall Nature Spirits that were strong and masculine were waiting for me. The Nature Spirits took me down through the red rock into the heart of the earth.

There were feminine energies there with one I might call a symbol of the Earth Mother. She embraced me and the feeling of the embrace was as if Life blood was returning to me at the same time my heart experienced an incredible opening. She asked me to carry this energy to others so that they would know she was there and willing to assist them.

When I came out of the trance my friend said I had stopped breathing the entire time, she had seen the horses coming for me but could not see anything after that. I had entered a very deep trance state. I immediately got up and went to the shelf with all my oils and started pouring oils in my hand. I was trying to create that deep, sweet earthy smell I had experienced when in the trance state.  Luckily, my friend wrote down what I was doing because I don’t think I would ever have remembered it!

So, I feel this oil blend is a gift from Mother Earth and I am just the vehicle. I hope you enjoy it’s  grounding, sustaining, heart opening abilities. For Earth Day I created some flower essences, mostly roses to add to this blend as a special edition to help with the energies we are dealing with at this time.

Thank you for purchasing this product. It is my joy to make it.

Much love, Marilyn

If you want to see the aura photos of how Earth Heart works you can take a look at the pictures in my brochure. If you are interested in looking at other blends you can see them HERE.  All of these blends are given to me in meditation and were developed for my healing practice.

The special price for the Earth Day group is $15.oo plus shipping, which is $4.95 for priority mail.. That is my actual cost for shipping. If you live in Florida you will also be charged sales tax.