Fall Equinox 2013

The Fall Equinox occurs this year on September 22, 2013 at 4:44 EDT. It is a time of balancing light and dark, masculine and feminine before heading into the dark for reflection, rest and renewal.

Balance Through Maturity and Self Acceptance

This year we are asked to bring into balance some parts ourselves that are at odds with each other. One aspect just wants to play and have a good time and a deeper part knows we must descend into the underworld and face our most stubborn shadows.  The world itself is reflecting this. Not looking too pretty out there…no more looking outside of ourselves for what is held within. No more thinking the new car, new house, new job is the answer to our happiness unless those things are harvested from a place of self acceptance and a realistic look at who we really are. The good news is, if we have made that journey; or, if we are willing to make it, we will have a great harvest with self acceptance and maturity that has been arrived at by walking through these things we haven’t wanted to see. Then we will be blessed by real Freedom and Joy.

It is possible to have a great physical harvest at this time…if you have walked through a lot, put your time in (and by this, I mean sometimes years of time) this could be your moment! You’ve done your due diligence and now is the time to harvest so don’t give up! If you haven’t, you might find yourself needing to confront a few things inside and walking through some deep changes to set yourself free.

The Element of Metal

In Chinese medicine the element of Metal is linked to Autumn. The organs of the Metal element are Lungs and Large Intestine.

The lungs are our receiver of energy and chi from the Heavens (air) that helps sustain our life force through-out our lives. The Large Intestines help us to eliminate waste. Through our Lung channels we take in inspiration and through the Large Intestines we let go of negativity.

This is a time to begin reflection and slow down. If we don’t let go and allow ourselves to cleanse out any unwanted thoughts, deeds or feelings we will not be quiet in the Winter and won’t be able renew ourselves for Spring.

Some imbalances during this time could show up as sinus infections, sore throats and lung problems. This is a good time of year to do deep breathing exercises, especially during the Lung time of 3-5 am. Deep breathing will also stimulate your Large Intestines to help your body eliminate. The peak hours for Large Intestine are 5-7 am.

This is a time to search for Spiritual food….one of the gifts of the Metal element is the ability to inspire. Take some time and write, paint or create a song about what inspires you and what you can do to inspire others. Make it as concrete as you can, not just a thought. Ground your thought into physical reality.

Take a moment on the Equinox to go outside, spend time in Nature and thank the Earth for all she provides for us. Use this alchemical time to let go of outmoded beliefs about yourself and increase your self acceptance of who you are. Just BE! You are beautiful just like you are. None of us are perfect (in the way we think we “should” be) and we get a lot further when we accept that and work with it and stop running from it.

Happy and Blessed Fall Equinox and Harvest to you.

Much love,

I offer a Free long distance group healing session for balancing the energy of the Seasons on the Equinoxes and Solstices…. for more info and to sign up go HERE. The next session will be on Sunday, September 22, 2013 starting at 7am EDT.

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