Fall Equinox 2015, What’s Happening with this Super Moon Eclipse?

Fall Equinox 2015, Super Moon, Blood Moon, Eclipse

Fall Equinox 2015 – Shift in the Air

There’s definitely a shift in the air. Up until a few days ago the energy was pushing, pushing, pushing. On the Equinox we reached a balancing point, an urge to slow down a bit…. many people are feeling completely worn out and overwhelmed..some by very serious health problems. Some are experiencing these problems directly and others are involved in the care of those experiencing these crisis.

All this pushing energy serves to push us over an edge where we let go. We stop juggling all the balls we have had in the air. We have a desire to slow down and we are starting to pick and choose carefully what really matters to us……..what we are harvesting this Fall is our True Nature. We are paring ourselves down to what really matters……and if we aren’t, we are going to continue to experience the push to do so until we get it.

We are also experiencing the energy of a Mercury retrograde, so we are  being challenged to revise and let go of old ways of doing things and complete all these old energies in preparation for the new, especially in the arena of relationships…. even the one you have with yourself! All of these changes and their purpose may not be readily apparent and may feel shocking but we need to stay steady as purpose unfolds and is revealed in the weeks to come.

Snakes and Spiders!

This week Nature presented the same signs to me several times. Snakes and spiders! Transmutation and Creativity. The snake had  shed it’s old skin and left it on my porch deck….and there was a dead spider laying right beside the skin……then I saw the live snake and the next day a huge Golden Orb Weaver was creating it’s web at my porch light, exactly where I had seen the snake the day before. Snakes are pretty common around here but not usually wrapped around my porch light!

This Fall Equinox 2015 it seems we are transmuting the way we approach Creativity. We are being asked to consider carefully where we want to go, to have patience and perseverance in holding the vision of the world and life we want to see. It is time to let go of focusing on “what’s wrong” and focus our attention on the truth with in each of us. Our minds have been tricked for too long into searching the outer world for our answers. There are always a million possibilities and as we try to “think” through each one we are worn out because we need to learn to trust and access our inner guidance.

Inner Guidance, True Self are the harvest of this Fall Equinox 2015 season. A doorway to illumination is opening, perhaps unlike any we have ever experienced before.  However, this may require some hard work now, particularly if you have been putting off this harvest.

As I meditated this morning the number 4 kept appearing over and over. One of the meanings of this number is “material manifestation”. The doorway being illuminated now, I believe, is the opening to anchoring a physical reality that can help create “heaven on earth” as some people say. We have an opportunity to utilize a huge amount of energy through perseverance. Check out this link if you would like more info on the number 4.

Rare Eclipse of a Super Moon, Blood Moon, Harvest Moon, Full Moon (whew!) on September 27th-28th

If we are ready this Full Moon could project us into passionately blazing the trail our true Self it looking to walk at this time…..we need to keep cleaning up our old messes and being willing to let everything change.

I will be conducting a Long Distance Balancing Session for this Full Moon/Fall Equinox 2015 on Sunday, September 27, 2015 at 7pm EDT……….just in time to prepare for watching the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse which begins at 8:11 pm EDT and ends at 1:22 am EDT on the 28th. The full eclipse is at 10:47 pm.

Here is  a link to more information on the eclipse and where it can be viewed. Here in St. Augustine, FL, weather permitting, I should have a full view! http://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/lunar/2015-september-28

To sign up for the Free Long Distance Balancing Session you can go Sign up HERE.

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