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Free Distance Healing and Balancing

A session is being offered on 9-22-2010 for the Fall Equinox and Full Harvest Moon. The session will start at 11pm EDT. If you would like to participate you may click here to sign up for our Seasons-Balance Group. Information will be sent out by 11 pm EDT on 9-21 -2010. Time Zone Converter

This year’s Equinox is full of change.

Astrologically the elements are asking us to find out where we need to take a stand and where we need to create more harmony …a full moon and harvest moon will be occurring just 6 hours after the Equinox. The sun will be in Libra asking for more harmony and to take a look at relationships while the full moon will be in Aries asking what we need to let go of and where we need to take a stand.

Many of us are finding ourselves feeling like we have lost our rudder as this whole year has been about letting go of old ways of doing things and birthing in new ways. Some of us feel worn out by all of this.

This Fall Equinox has arrived just in time for those of us whose nerves are shot by all the activity this year. As we move into the energy of fall we are shifting gears toward more inner reflection. But, we may find we have to find new ways to do this, sometimes even in the midst of extreme turmoil!

The daylight is slowly starting to decrease and our energy is getting quieter…or wanting to! For those of you in more northern areas it is probably already turning cool. We are just getting a hint of that now here in Florida. It is coming and going.

In Chinese medicine the Metal element is associated with Autumn. The organs of Metal are Lungs and Large Intestine.

The lungs are our receiver of energy and chi from the Heavens (air) that helps sustain our life force through-out our lives. The Large Intestines help us to eliminate waste. Through our Lung channels we take in inspiration and through the Large Intestines we let go of negativity.

This is a time of reflection where we look back on what we have done this year and decide what worked and what didn’t. It is a time for forgiving ourselves and others. We have received the harvest of late summer and now we accept where we are and let go, releasing all negativity in preparation for the stillness and recuperating time of winter. If we don’t let go and allow ourselves to cleanse out any unwanted thoughts, deeds or feelings we will not rest easily in the quiet of Winter and will not be able renew ourselves for Spring.

Some imbalances during this time could show up as sinus infections and sore throats. I have seen a rash of these in the last week! Also lung problems and colds can show an imbalance. This is a good time of year to do deep breathing exercises, especially during the Lung time of 3-5 am. Deep breathing will also stimulate your Large Intestines to eliminate and the peak hours for that is 5-7 am.

One of the gifts of the Metal element is the ability to inspire. So, look deeply inside and see what inspires you. Spend some time in Nature and be inspired by her never ending beauty and mystery.

This may be a time when deep grief surfaces to be healed. Allow it to flow out of you and empty yourself for the time of winter. As is true in nature, Autumn is a time when we consolidate our energies and prepare for the austerity of Winter.  When our ability to do that breaks down, so too, does our ability to preserve what is nourishing to the body, mind and spirit.

This is a time to search for spiritual food. Try not to live in the past and in a sense of what could have been. Let go and breathe.

This is an alchemical time of year in a year that is alchemical. Nothing can stay the same, we must find new ways and now is a time to find new ways to inspire yourself, let go on ever deeper and deeper levels. Find forgiveness on levels you never thought possible and Let Go of the Past. Go Within. Find your True Self.

Please take a moment to sign up for the free session above if you feel you could use some support at this time.

Much love, Marilyn

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