FREE Group Earth Day Healing Session

Hi folks! This is my gift to the earth and you for Earth Day this year. Don’t forget to GO OUTSIDE!  Blessings, Marilyn


Free Earth Day SCIO Group Balancing and Healing – Long Distance Subspace work
The intention of this event is to gather a group of people interested in improving their connection to Nature and using that to co-create in harmony with the Earth.
When I talk about Nature I am speaking (for lack of better words) about the aspect of Universal Consciousness or Divine Mind, call it what you wish, that responds to thought and/or prayer and brings the intangible into form.
We often think of ourselves as the creator of the thought, but science is even beginning to  prove that the thought occurs before we “have it”. So, I think we are more like a projector. The purpose of this session will be to help tune and align the projector, “us”, to be in alignment with living in harmony with our beautiful Earth. There is a lot of fear and other deep emotions being projected constantly now and these thoughts have affected our weather, fo, viability & quality of life on our planet.
So, if you think you would like to participate please let me know. You can contact me at
If you want to know more about me and my training you may check out about Marilyn on my website.
The SCIO is a quantum biofeedback device with over thirty different types of modalities for balancing stress, etc.  I have utilized this device for 6 years now. I have received numerous trainings and am now enrolled in IQUIM’s program for Alternative Medical Practitioner ( a masters and doctorate program) and their Licensed Quantum Healer program. you may check them out at
I will start this Session with meditation at 8am eastern daylight savings time on April 22nd. Most likely the group will remain on the SCIO for the entire day. I am asking that everyone who joins to offer a prayer in the ho-oponopono style. If you can, try to be present and have your prayer ready at that time and sit for 15 minutes of meditation. After that you may go about your day. I will be working throughout the day and evening on this process. I will send feedback the following day and would appreciate any you have for me as well.
A prayer something like……Divine Creator or Universal Consciousness I would like to release in me, my relatives and my ancestors any genetic programming, thoughtforms, blocks, belief systems, etc. that keeps me or anyone in this group today from creating and living in harmony with and on our Earth. I ask you to erase back into love and light any of these things our of alignment with this intention. So be it and with deepest Gratitude. Om Namah Shivaya Namaha
More on Om Namah Shivaya Namaha – sanskrit –
I am using this mantra to bring the power of sound to this process. Please repeat it out loud. In fact, your whole prayer will engage more if you can say it outloud and write it in long hand. You can make your own prayer. Above is just an example of the elements to include. The main process is to acknowledge that your mind and dna are holding a vision that you want to change to a more harmonious state and that in holding those old states of being you have helped to create what we are now seeing on our planet… you want to let them go and open to the Love of the Universe.
Also, check out Earth Day Network for Earth Day happenings near you! Make it a day to love and appreciate the Earth and all that she provides for us.
Namaste, Marilyn
Coming soon, April 25th……….. a long distance group balancing for Prosperity.  This will be a weekly session, there will be a charge but it will be minimal. Email me for more details if you are interested.

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