FREE Long Distance Earth Day Group

Join Me on April 22, 2010 for a Free Long Distance Healing and Alignment Session.

This is my gift to You and Mother Earth this Earth Day.

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Free Earth Day SCIO Group Balancing & Healing

Long Distance Subspace work

  • Improve your Connection to Nature
  • Help Co-create in Harmony with the Earth
  • Release stuck emotions
  • Support each other and the Earth in creating a New Paradigm, Living in Oneness
  • Access Non-local, Zero-Point energy to help create a Quantum Shift

The intention of this event is to gather a group of people interested in improving their connection to Nature and using that to co-create in harmony with the Earth.

When I talk about Nature I am speaking  about the aspect of Universal Consciousness or Divine Mind that responds to thought and prayer and brings the intangible into physical form.

We often think of ourselves as the creator of the thought or idea, but science is beginning to prove that the thought occurs before we “have it”. So, I think we are more like a projector.

The purpose of this session will be to help tune the projector, “us”, to be in alignment with living in harmony with our beautiful Earth.

There are a lot of fears, worries and other deep emotions being expressed now on our planet as we go through so many wars, financial disasters and earth changes. These thoughts have affected our weather and the viability & quality of life on our planet.

This session will help the group to clear these morpho-genetic fields from their consciousness. Participants can step into alignment with Nature and help create Peace in their lives and on the Earth.

I will use a quantum biofeedback device, energy work, meditation and ceremony during this alignment. The session will begin at 7 am EST and end at 8:30 am. However, if you can not participate at that time a prayer will be provided so that you may set your intention to benefit. Long distance healing is Non-local, or “outside of time”. You can access the energy when you are ready. It is important to participate with your intention.

A summary will be sent after the session to all participants.

To sign up and receive more detailed information on how to participate you may

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In honor of Earth Day, Don’t forget to GO OUTSIDE!

Blessings, Marilyn

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