FREE Winter Solstice Long Distance Healing Group


Please join us on Monday, December 21rst for a free healing and meditation for the Winter Solstice.

Take a moment to connect to the earth and welcome the change of seasons.


December 21rst is the first day of Winter this year.

Worldwide, interpretation of this event has varied from culture to culture with some not celebrating exactly on Dec.21rst, but most cultures have held a recognition of rebirth with celebrations, festivities and sacred ceremonies  at this time.

This is the shortest day of the year……..following it, the light begins to increase again. It is a time of stillness and rest in Nature as it prepares itself to burst forth in the Spring.

The word solstice derives from Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still).


This month is packed full of energies for change and letting go as we enter into the time right before the New Year. Many of you may be feeling very stretched and overwhelmed, and not just the usual Christmas rush.  This year seems more intense and events are conspiring to push the old out of us and make us let go and take a new path. I have had many conversations with people who are in very life changing places with lots of pressure. It seems like so much pressure is being applied that you simply have to let go and try some new simpler strategy as you can’t keep up with the old way. Some of us will be entering into very New Lives while others of us are still in the process of Letting Go……and getting still.

My friend Chris Klein, Astrologer offered this tidbit about the Solstice and is preparing more in depth information for us that will be included in info for the healing session.

The Planet of the Future is moving forward instead of backward, the  Task Master Planet is Squaring off with the Planet of the Masses, and the energy body of the emotions is going to require us to release some element of our past at the end of the year….
Surrendering to what the Universe brings us, is the way of growth…” Chris Klein
More planetary information to follow at the Winter Solstice……


I will begin the session Monday at 11am by entering the group on my quantum biofeedback device (SCIO). I will start that session and will work for 1 1/2 hours and then be in meditation at the time of the actual solstice 12:47 for about 30 minutes.  I will complete the SCIO session after the meditation. The work will be on letting go of the old and aligning ourselves to a new paradigm of heart centered living for the New Year.

I like to do the meditation and then observe the changes on
the SCIO, it gives me an idea of what the meditative state may have
shifted. Sometimes, that by itself is pretty phenominal!

I will send a brief overview of this session the following day to all partici-
pants. You are also welcome to join in, if you have the time, during
the meditation. Otherwise, you may participate by saying the prayer
and mantra I will provide. You may also set your intention to
benefit from this group experience by holding yourself and all who
participate in the highest good.


If you would like to participate please email me with your name, birthdate, birthplace and time of birth if you know it. This information is loaded into the SCIO.

To receive the information  you must be on my mailing list. It is too hard to keep up with everyone without using it. So please, if you want to participate you must sign up for the list AND send me an email with your info.

You will receive a mantra, prayer and  information sometime on the 19th of December.

Please feel free to share this with your friends. They can sign up
by sending an email to me and they will be included.

However, anyone who wants to receive the instructions or the follow
up summary must also sign up for the mailing list. I am sorry but it is
impossible for me  to send all these emails individually.

Thank you for making this easier for me.

The signup is on the right hand side under the Go Outside! Elf. 🙂

If you do not want to stay signed up you can unsubscribe after the
event. I don’t send out tons of emails anyway.

Looking forward to a New Year full of Grace!

Namaste, Marilyn


“Prosperity” January 4, 2010
“Letting Go of Fear” January 7, 2010
For more info click on the link below.

I have developed special long distance healing group programs to assist people in manifesting through the Awakened Heart and the power of Grace instead of the duality of the Mind. When you use the power of your mind through an Awakened Heart you may tap into Unity Consciousness. Your goals change and the way you perceive the world shifts to one of comprehending oneness. It is quite a different space to operate from.
When we create through the Heart we cease to cause duality reactions…….here comes the good………here comes the bad……… The brain becomes the servant of the Heart and instead of constantly rolling the film of subconscious memories (which are constantly helping create your reality) it can quiet itself and listen for “Inspiration” coming from deep within the Heart.
Many times we may believe we are in our Heart but we have only skimmed the surface of the depth of being, awareness and truth that are available there. It literally can be like walking in another world, and a very wonderful one.
The purpose of these group sessions will be to increase creativity, prosperity, health and to release fears. I developed the groups for several reasons. One was to harness the power and energy of people working together. The second reason was to provide affordable assistance during these difficult financial times. There are several levels of participation available.
I utilize the SCIO, a quantum biofeedback device; meditation and intuition to create a healing session that is real time each week. I am actually working each week with the energy the group is presenting.
Next sessions begin:
“Prosperity” January 4, 2010
“Letting Go of Fear” January 7, 2010
For more info click on the link below.

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