Create a Healing Vision for the Gulf of Mexico

Join Me 5/14/10 for the New Moon ~ Plant the Seed to Hold Love and
Perfection for the Gulf of Mexico

The Earth is in Our Hands

The Earth is in Our Hands

Join together to hold a loving, healing space for the Earth with special emphasis on the Gulf of Mexico

There is evidence that we really can heal our Mother Earth through intent, love, and the action of scientific prayer. Check out The Global Coherance Initiative.

Princeton University’s PEAR research has also revealed how our consciousness can affect our reality. But there is one  ingredient that is crucially important in changing our current reality. That ingredient is belief. Our belief systems can stop us. If you can’t believe in it and hold the vision it won’t work. Many of the beliefs that stop us are subconscious or so entrenched we don’t recognize them for what they are, fear, doubt, anger, etc. This is why I am offering the free long distance healing session below.

There is power in prayer and holding love in your hearts to help create a new and healthy earth. In this healing session we will  hold prayer for the water of our oceans and specifically the Gulf of Mexico.

The reason I have chosen to focus on the Gulf of Mexico at this time is that this situation has the potential to harm all of earth’s ocean if the spill is not contained. If you have noticed the press on this subject, every thing has been understated and then later the seriousness of it is upgraded.

I worked on the ocean and around oil rigs for 12 years….I have seen the damage that happens just from normal drilling operations. I have also seen first hand the negligence of the oil companies in maintaining offshore wells after they have been capped and are no longer useful. I think this is important to address. All the money in the world will not keep life on this planet if our oceans are devastated.

In using the model of quantum physics in healing we work with something called “downward causation”. This is based on working with the energy of probabilities and shifting things on that level. They then filter down into the physical. While I believe it is beneficial to take physical action, it is more effective if we change the consciousness behind it first so that we do not continue to create the same problems.

FREE Long Distance Group
  • Offer Support to the Gulf of Mexico & all Life there
  • Gain Wisdom – Co-Create in Harmony with the Earth
  • Support the Consciousness of Water with  Love
  • Support Each Other
  • Open Your Hearts to Nature
  • Help Create a New Paradigm of Living
The intention of this event is to bring love and support to the Earth with a special emphasis on  manifesting the highest vision for the Gulf Of Mexico.

This session will be performed with a SCIO quantum biofeedback device. It will also include prayer, energy work and meditation The purpose will be to:

1. Unite Together – we will use the power of group consciousness

2. Remove Energies which keep us from effectively holding the vision of highest good for the Gulf and our oceans – if we have fear or anger in our hearts or subconscious, we can not hold the highest vision effectively. Sometimes even the history of our ancestry will prevent this, without our realizing it. The SCIO session will be to identify and help release anything that may keep the group from being most effective.

3. Align ourselves with that highest vision through Heart Centered awareness – It is not about us deciding what that is, but about getting out of our own way, so that we can be clear channels for a higher vision of love. It is about clearing our circuits, listening and then acting. The action can be a prayer, a letter to your congressman, whatever you are lead to do will be your part in helping to create something new. This can be different for each person in the group, but the vision is the same, a healthy earth.

4. Prayer for Water – special prayer to water  prepared with water from the Atlantic Ocean. I live very near the water….. I will take some water from the ocean and we will charge it with our love and prayers and the energy of the session. I will then return that water to the ocean with thanks and gratitude for all the ocean does for us. If you live near the ocean you can do the same, but your intention will also be in the water that I will be preparing.

The session will be Friday, May 14, 2010 at sunrise. For me, that will be around 6:45 am EDT. Instructions for the session will be sent on Wednesday evening, May12th. If you have to work or can not take part in the session at the appointed time, you can still participate. Every heart helps. Please join the list and your name will be added to the session. Set your intention and open your heart to love the Earth and the water that sustains us all.

You don’t need to be present or able to attend at the specified time to participate. We are working with consciousness.


If you already belong to the Seasons Balance Group you will automatically be included in this session and will receive instructions to participate.

Celebrate Our Beautiful Earth!

“There are two ways to live life.
One as though nothing is a miracle.
Two as if everything is!”
Albert Einstein

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