Increasing Intuition with Aromatherapy

by Marilyn Edwards

Aromatherapy and Intuition

Pink Lotus Opens Intuition

Intuition & Inspiration……Knowing  vs. Thinking

We are beings created to be guided by our gift of intuition but society is so geared towards linear, deductionistic thinking that many have lost the awareness of how to tap into this gift. Dr. Pillai, a siddhi yogi who has studied neuro-science, says that one must use the middle brain (yogic brain) to access information on the level of intuition. He believes our higher brain, the cerebral cortex, is too slow for intuitive, inspirational thought. While its true that for some this may come more naturally than for others, we all have an ability to touch this area of knowledge.

Intuition is the opposite of “thinking something up”. It is more about getting something down, listening not thinking, feeling and sensing not acting…….the action comes later. A stillness has to occur for intuition to unfold. At first, it helps to quiet your body, mind and spirit. As you become more practiced you become aware that you carry the stillness in you at all times. You then learn to trust the first information  that comes (usually within 5-10 seconds) instead of erasing it with a “thought”, like “Oh, that will  never work” or “ that’s crazy”, etc.

Your Limbic System

Your Brain and  Aroma

Aromatherapy can help prepare you to listen….energetically and physically.

Physically, the olfactory bulb has a direct connection to the limbic system of your brain and smell is the one sense that has direct access to all parts of your brain. You can alter your brain via molecules of scent.

Your Brain and Intuition

Eye of Horus and the Mid Brain

The pineal gland, located deep within your brain, is considered by many to be the seat of the third eye (6th chakra). It has been called the seat of the soul and considered to be a spiritual gateway to all realms and dimensions.

Many have called attention to the similarity between the Eye of Horus and location/shape of the pineal gland and limbic system of the brain.

Ancient teachings taught that activating the pineal gland helped  clairvoyance, intuition (psychic abilities), imagination, and dreaming. Benefits of pineal gland activation included telepathy and perception beyond this three dimensional world. Some of the essential oils and absolutes believed to help purify and stimulate the pineal gland were sandalwood, pink lotus, pine, davana and frankincense.

The Spirit of the Plant and Your Intuition

In addition to the physical components of the plant that alter the brain, I believe the spirit of the plant comes to assist as well. In my healing practice plants will often show up energetically in the room to help in the healing process. It is always a plant whose properties are useful to the person they have come to aid. It’s amazing to me really. This started happening as I began to spend three hours a day outside on my land years ago. The plants started speaking to me.

However, even before that, energetic experiences happened when I began using aromatherapy. When I taught aromatherapy classes people experienced energy around them and touching them while using an essential oil during a meditation on the spirit of the plant.  They thought I was standing by them but I was across the room. They would all get messages and images about the spirit of the plant and when we compared everyone’s information it was often similar or the same.

I am a firm believer in the power of aromatherapy to help you access your intuitive inspiration! If you want to access your intuition these are oils that might be helpful: sandalwood, pink and white lotus absolutes, myrhh, frankincense, cedarwood, pine, davana, benzoin, spruce, ylang ylang, pine, cistus, Benzoin, patchouli, and jasmine. Try some, it just might change your world!

If you would like to try a formula I was given in meditation to help with opening intuition check out my L’Intuitif parfum solide.

L’Intuitif Parfum Solide

Intuition in a jar

L’Intuitif Parfum Solide

L’Intuitif (The Intuitive) is made to help you warm to yourself, to slow down. It helps to stimulate the glands and open spiritual centers so that the energy flows freely. By helping  to relieve anxiety, stress, anger and frustration it will help you be still.

It has qualities that are grounding that offset the euphoric and aphrodisiacal qualities that help you to touch the Spirit, keeping you grounded to Mother Earth while inspiration arrives!

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