Intention – Love of a Cookie

Intention - Love of a CookieThe importance of placing “attention” and “intention”………….It’s been on my mind lately………….

The actions we take and where we take them “from”……makes a huge difference.

The example I always give is…… planting a tree because you are AFRAID there won’t be any more trees…. VS. planting a tree because you LOVE trees is WAY different. You are creating a totally different energy field. It is a different intention.

Consider this the next time you are on your way to eating an entire bag of chocolate chip cookies (or some other behavior you feel is sabotaging you). 🙂

Think for a moment where you place your attention when you are doing something you aren’t proud of, or you think is bad for you, or you are angry that you are doing again, or you are hating yourself for doing, or you are afraid is going to make you fat, stupid, unloved, disliked, etc. Take a moment to feel that! What is your body doing? Is your jaw getting tight? Your chest hurt? Neck? Knot in the stomach? Getting a headache?

How can this be helping you? Do you get to where you hate yourself enough you change? Well, I suppose that has happened on occasion, but mostly what I see is that people spiral into this vortex of judgement, self-criticism, even self-hatred…… sometimes they even hate themselves for hating themselves!

You can change your attention with Intention!

So, how can you walk this fine line from denial (we don’t acknowledge what we are doing) to awareness (we acknowledge but hate it) to freedom (we acknowledge it but use it to set ourselves free)?

I play a game called Imagine If.

I think about what I am trying to get from cookies at that moment, pleasure, ease, energy….whatever. What is the intention of my attention to the cookies?

Imagine If every time you sat down and ate a bag of cookies all the ease, pleasure and energy you wanted was sent to you in spades by the Universe, put on the fast track to you because eating a bag of cookies was a sure sign you were really wanting that experience. What would that feel like? No judgement……every cookie was helping you understand and open to experience the feeling you are attempting to get from the cookie….which really comes from inside yourself. A part of you just doesn’t know how to get there yet.

What if, instead of worrying about stopping eating the cookies, you just affirmed that eating them was helping bring to you exactly what you needed each time you found yourself involved in the conflicting behavior? …..and then you enjoyed the cookie!!  My guess is, over a bit of time, less and less cookies would be consumed and the ones that were consumed would be enjoyed more.

This exercise is keeping it personal but you could make your cookies mean anything that will help bring more love to this planet. We are so critical and it is our neurological foundation to always look for what’s wrong. Changing the view to finding something good throws your inner critic off base. You can try holding your hands on your forehead and the back of your head too when you are affirming your “new purpose” for eating cookies. It will help bring energy to the two parts of your brain that don’t process emotion and help to silence the inner critic. Add a deep breath with a long Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh to help your nervous system relax and then enjoy that cookie!

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you. Try it for a couple of weeks. Turn actions you are critical about into commands for love and progress. Write down the changes you notice.
Much love,


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