Intuitive Feng Shui


One of my favorite things to do is to create harmony in a home. I don’t think we recognize how much beautiful surroundings can lift our Spirit.

I have been fortunate enough, for the past few years, to live in a beautiful home. I have seen the affect it has on people when they walk in. I see that people crave beauty, even when they don’t know they do.

Many things go into creating beauty and harmony.  Most importantly is to use your heart. People can feel the heart in things. They may not be able to express in words what they are feeling but you can see it when their face relaxes or a smile appears upon their face.

Think of the “feeling” you want to create before you start to decorate or do feng shui. What are the colors and items that express that feeling for you? You can make changes in a room that really make a difference  if you put this first. If you want to create balance and beauty use your gut………….don’t always follow the rules. When you become too overwhelmed by a lot of rules you loose your spontaneity.


Feng shui is the art of clearing and balancing a room, home or land.

Fengshui is an ancient Chinese art and Vastu is the equivilent in India. I have studied both and am certified in Feng Shui.

What I found is that there are a few simple skills to help you change a room. For an exercise in Intuitive Feng Shui check out my blog Manifesting Your Vision with Help from Intuitive Feng Shui.

When creating with Intuitive Feng Shui you are:

  • Setting an intention for the room, house or property you are working with
  • Anchoring that intention with prayer, clearing, meditation, etc.
  • Clearing Clutter
  • Looking for a clear flow of energy – making sure nothing is blocking your natural flow of movement through the room (i.e. you wouldn’t place a chair in front of a door)
  • Enhancing the flow and quality of energy. (chimes, water fountains, an object with high energy for you such as a crystal)
  • Looking for objects that have meaning to you and the feeling and purpose of the room
  • Creating warmth,  serenity, exuberance,  etc.  with the colors you choose.
  • Using shapes that are pleasing to you and balance out the room.
  • Thinking about good design and practicality.    A note on good design, it doesn’t just look good. It works. It is comfortable. I see so many people struggling to get up out of chairs that look great but aren’t designed to be used! A sculpture is a cool thing to have, but sitting in a chair that looks like one is sometimes difficult!
  • Blessing the room when completed and asking for all who come there to be blessed. You can use whatever form of blessing works for you. Intention is the key.

The pictures you see on this page are from my home. I utilized the above suggestions when decorating this home. At the time I felt like I needed a lot of color in my life.. can you tell? 🙂 But I did have rooms that were quieter (more pics coming). But, if you look at the living room you will see that the browns calm the color down and you can look at the balance created…….I just move things around until it feels right. This took awhile in the living room, believe me!

Don’t Be Afraid to Play

Don’t be afraid to try moving things around and changing things. The living room was a challenge because it is big, has a fireplace, four windows and two openings into it.  I am working on a portfolio and hope I can find some before pictures to show you the progression. But that is coming later.

Also, you can create warmth, beauty and balance with very little money. Before I lived in this house I was divorced and was financially strapped from taking care of my dying Mother for a year. After her passing I rented a house from a friend and was thoroughly depressed that I had to make book shelves out of concrete blocks and wooden boards! I had sworn years back I would never have another bookshelf like that and there I was.

So, I made the room fun. I painted one wall fuschia! I had never done that in my life! It felt like heresy. LOL I painted the blocks fuschia and the boards light purple and stamped them with stars and circles and whatever! I took fun pictures from old calendars and cards and framed them with constuction paper behind them, because I didn’t have the money for mats,  and hung groupings on the wall. I painted  something grass green.  I put childlike fun things in this room. It was a sunroom……windows on a third of the walls.  Guess what? People loved that room.

Bring Your Heart Into It

You don’t have to have a lot of money to have fun. You can bring your heart into any place by caring about what you are doing. One room with a bed and chair can have heart in it.

The true power of Intuitive Feng Shui is ENERGY. Your heart has the most powerful energy available to any of us. The power of LOVE. Use it and any place your work with will be welcoming and a blessing.

Namaste, Marilyn

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