Late Summer Season Free Session 8-9-2010

Nurturing Mother
Nurturing Mother

Free Distance Healing and Balancing

A session is being offered on 8-9-2010 for the New Moon and Late Summer Season. The session will start at 11pm EDT. If you would like to participate you may click here to sign up for our Seasons-Balance Group. Information will be sent out regarding this session Monday morning by 10 am EDT. Time Zone Converter

The Centering Point

We are now entering a time that is a point of centering between the yang energies of Spring/Summer and the Yin energies of Fall/Winter. This is the time of receiving the Nurturing energy of  The Mother; Mother Earth, Divine Mother, and Mothering in general.

Earth Element – Late Summer – Centering Point

The time of late summer is the balancing point in our year. The yang energy of spring and summer are slowing down and we are getting ready to
switch into the yin energy of fall and winter.

This is the time of the Earth element. The “mother” energy that is stabilizing and caring and a center point for the family. So, this is a time of balancing the appropriateness of caring for others and caring for the self.

The Earth element commands our sense of taste, controls fat and flesh, and it’s direction is Center. It’s color is yellow and it controls damp and mucous in the body.

If this energy  is out of balance  you could find yourself eating too much in an attempt to give yourself some attention and nurturing. In addition, you might have the added discomfort of not digesting things well or having excess mucous in your body.  If this is so, take some time to do other things that nourish you. Work on allowing yourself to receive compliments, touch, nurturing, support and ease. Accept offers for help.

An imbalance here can also manifest as a lack of focus and see-sawing back and forth between extremes. Decision making can be difficult. Other elements in astrology at this time (too numerous to mention in this article!) are also lending themselves to this see-sawing effect. Many people are feeling confused and not knowing what to do. This makes grounding and nurturing yourself doubly important at this time. Spend time outside with your bare feet on the ground!

The organs affected by this season are the Stomach and the Spleen. When the energy of these organs is out of balance it can affect the mind as well as the body.

A person with a Stomach  imbalance may look like “no one is home”. They might feel overwhelmed by too much information or unable to understand what is being said. Too much information can cause confusion and anxiety. If this is happening to you, SLOW DOWN and SIMPLIFY. Take as much off your plate as possible and TRUST that you will be embraced by the arms of the Nurturing Mother and cared for. It is a sign that you need to receive!

Distress can also manifest itself when the energy of the Spleen channel is imbalanced. The Spleen is considered the transporter of energy and if this function is not working smoothly, then worry and stress can set in which can cause as many problems as a physical blockage in the body. You won’t have the energy you need to get things done or you may feel “fried”.

The Earth element and its officials, the Stomach and the Spleen, are integral to the efficient running and maintenance of our mind, body and spirit. They are the furnace that keeps our engines well stoked and full of power and energy –  for our physical well being and  our mind and spirit. They are also the means by which we transport energy around our system to all the areas that require stimulation and energy.

For a healthy and rewarding existence it is very important to have balance in these channels of energy before we can even look into other areas that might require assistance for our well being.

Herbs and foods for digestion and correcting mucous can be of great assistance during this season. Some of these are Ginger, a great digestive aid and stimulant, and Nettle which is wonderful to help thin and eliminate excess mucous.

Our Aromatherapy Choice for this Season

Earth Heart aromatherapy
Earth Heart aromatherapy


A rich fragrance created with Jasmine, Angelica, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Oakmoss and four other essential oils.
This blend carries you to the warm embrace of the Heart of the Mother Earth. It helps to create the feeling of being connected to and nourished by the Earth. It is calming, centering, grounding, and opens the heart. Your energy field is rebalanced by this formula as it helps create heart coherency. It is great to use in meditation.
This formula was created after journeying to the heart of the Earth in meditation and being embraced by the love and vital life force energy I felt there.

Download Our Brochure and take a look at the change in the Auric Field created by Earth Heart!  There are great before and after pictures. Before/Agitation – After/Calming Spirit

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