Fall Equinox 2014 Flower Essence

Fall Equinox 2014 Flower Essence Therapy

Balance your energies this Fall!

Fall Equinox 2014 Flower Essence Therapy

This essence is to help integrate the energies of the 2014 Fall Season. I offer this flower essence to you as a means of support for this fall. It is based on information from the long distance group balancing session that was held on the Fall Equinox. What I write below is my own interpretations of the energy that we are presently experiencing.

Always check with your own inner knowing to see if this information is something that feels right for you. The main purpose of any work that I do is only to help you find your own best inner knowing and balance.

Pictures and Formula information

Here is  a link to a PDF with the full description and pictures of flowers in the ingredients.
Fall Equinox 2014 Flower Essence

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Energy Weather for Fall 2014

This fall is chaotic until you step through to inner peace. Even when you accomplish this, you may feel chaos swirling around you but it doesn’t have to enter inside.  There is big energy ready to support wonderful,  authentic you when you are willing to let go of old ways!

We seem to be dealing with new beginnings and completions all at the same time. We are harvesting the new and letting go of the old in a upside down feeling kind of way.
A need for closer relationships and community will be an important topic for many people. There will be a longing for more depth and sincerity. If this is an area in your life that is “wanting” you might fine yourself feeling lonely. Be willing to “be” the depth you want to see in your life. Authenticity is the key and will help you get to your right place and relationship.

We may have a tendency to want to over think when it would serve us better to feel, breath, walk, meditate and focus on the simplicity of daily life and spending time in Nature.

Go within and access the energy you need.  Simplicity and authenticity are key. Follow what energizes your heart. If it feels like dead energy, do not do it out of habit or the need to play a role! Time to recalibrate and let the Deep True Self be seen . It is a stretch, plumbing the depths of your being and letting others in. Out of the closet!! 🙂 It’s time!

Whose Helping Out?

Fire Spike (Odontonema stricta) – providing a spark of energy to get things moving. It is blooming on my land now.  This is its season, September – November. It is a wonderful hummingbird plant and helps to move anything that blocks joy. From my Garden.

Blue Cornflower  (Centaurea cyanus ) – gives confidence to go beyond self-imposed limitation, heals betrayal and grief. The signature of this essence has been imprinted into the formula.

Spanish Needle (bidens alba) –for  tenacity, healing, feeds the body and the soul, for thriving in chaos, disturbed and difficult situations, provides a lot of support.  A survivor. This plant is actually blooming now on my property and the flower essence was made on the Equinox.

Yellow Rose –  for acceptance, interpersonal connections, calming the mind, engendering joy, helps to radiate golden, healing, energetic light.  From my Garden.

Antique Pink Rose – soft gentle love, self-acceptance, gives courage to the sensitive and child self. Opens and cleanses the heart gently and safely.  From my Garden.

Autumn Leaves—acceptance of death, moving on in a profound way. Increased guidance and communication from the Spiritual world. While this essence can be used to help one to cross over from the physical life to the spiritual, my guidance was that, in this case, it is for a profound shift in consciousness. Helping our old “role-playing self” let go to our True Self. An Australian Bush Flower Remedy.

Grey Spider Flower—calm, courage and faith. Relieves extreme terror or fear of psychic attack. There are doorways open now to beautiful new energies but these are doorways that many of us may have traumatic memories attached to from previous incarnations or through our ancestors (when they were more difficult to access). This essence will help to release old, stagnant memories that keep us frozen in place. We sometimes can not even understand exactly why we are stuck on an intellectual level. Our bodies just don’t seem to want to co-operate. This will bring the calm, courage and faith to move forward. This is an Australian Bush Flower Remedy.

If you have never participated in the free Long Distance Seasons Balance Group healing sessions you can go here for more information and to sign up. The next scheduled session is Winter Solstice. http://awakentograce.com/sign-up-page-for-free-seasons-balance-group/