New Physics of Healing

Some of the alternative healing work I do might be considered unusual or unbelievable by those who have never studied or had an encounter that went beyond their normal 5 sense oriented world. I would encourage you to educate yourself because you will be missing out on a lot in life if you do not. Not just in the healing sense but in your ability to perceive what is actually happening around you. I am an intuitive. I came by these abilities naturally but they can be learned….

This page is intended to give you links to information that will help you learn about the science of long distance healing, parallel universes and in general the power of the mind as a projector of thought onto reality and how it can shift reality. If you read these, you may understand the importance of keeping your projector clear.

To me, the purpose of raising your consciousness, clearing and quieting your mind and opening your heart is so that we can become the “clear projector” of our Higher Self, God, Universal Consciousness…….whatever name you give that all encompassing creative energy that has brought you into existence. I want to honor all traditions here and if you study, you can see the common thread in all…..Now science is beginning to show that things we may have thought of as spiritual, paranormal or woo-woo have a basis in Science as well. Ancients sages of all religions and philosphies knew this, they knew that all life is connected.