Links and Resources for Healing Gulf of Mexico

Hi Everyone,

As the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico continues more and more people are joining together to hold intention for it’s healing. It is my intention to list here other sites that are offering prayers, intentions and meditations for this purpose. I think everyone we participate in will help. If we bring together everyone by our conscious intention to do so we will create a powerful force. Thank you for your help in loving our planet and it’s waters. Blessings, Marilyn

The Intention ~ Daily Intention at 1pm Eastern Daylight Savings Time ~ Wave of Love Monthly Meditation for co-creating a new reality ~ an audio meditation with ho-oponopono for clearing the gulf ~ working to orchestrate global coherance

Tonglen Meditation (Pema Chodron) and an article on Perseverance in the Gulf

Thank you to Nuta Alin of Romania for sending me the following links to add to this page.

The above blog was started by Nuta, in order to be able to share the unity wave purpose, translating it to Romanian from English, so that the people from the Romanian community can join a meditation group if they feel they should.