Private Sessions

coolhealing21Private sessions & lessons with Marilyn can provide you with a wealth of information to enhance your health and life path. This could include assistance with

  • Accessing new levels of awareness and creativity
  • Mental and emotional stress
  • Learning disabilites and brain balancing
  • Healthy diet
  • Communication skills
  • Goal setting
  • Spiritual connection
  • Home and land energy balancing to improve health, peace of mind or sale of property
  • Releasing past trauma
  • Help in end stages of life for the person who is transitioning and the family

Her deep intuitive assessment can help you to formulate a plan for life & health improvement while reducing stress on all levels, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Marilyn has experienced communication with life on many levels. She has communicated with others who have passed over, plants (about their needs and uses) and connected to many levels of consciousness. Now things appear to her purely as energy but if a communication is necessary it seems to appear. She does not do psychic readings. It is her intention to help you facilitate your own knowledge and awareness.

A list of some of the many therapies used by Marilyn is available toward the bottom of this page.

Private lessons and sessions with Marilyn are available by phone appointment or in person. If you inquire about a session please state whether you want to attend in person or by phone.

Fees – The price of a session varies depending upon the amount of time spent. The hourly rate is $100. Appointments are available from 30 minutes to 3 hours. Most initial visits require 1 1/2 -2 hours depending upon the service rendered. 30 minute sessions are not available for first time appointments. Please book the amount of time that is appropriate for what you require.

The Reconnection is a set price of $333 for the two sessions. Sessions must be booked on two days back to back. I am required to charge this price by Eric Pearl’s organization.

Most Feng Shui and Land Clearing appointments usually require 3 hours for the initial consultation. I often need layouts, photos or other information sent to me before your appointment time. I may not spend all three hours speaking with you personally.

These sessions take preparation time and more time after consult to make initial suggestions. If I travel to you, travel time is involved as well. Some consults can be done by phone. We can discuss the particulars in advance so you will have a clear idea of what the initial charges will be.

Booking an appointment – Please email to book an appointment. Include a brief paragraph on issues you would like to address and your phone number.   We will then call you to set up an appointment. A credit card is required to make an appointment. Your credit card will not be charged until you have your appointment. You may also send a check in advance of your appointment date if you do not wish to use a credit card.

If you are unsure of the time needed, I will suggest what I think would be most beneficial and you can decide if that works for you.

Cancellation Policy Please honor my time and yours by providing me a minimum of 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment. Larger amounts of time (2-3 hours) require 48 hours notice. Your credit card will be charged for missed appointments if you do not call in advance to cancel. Real emergency situations are an exception.

Late Policy Please be present for your appointment at the set time. I do build in some time for small adjustments in my schedule but I will have to deduct time from your appointment if you are more than a few minutes late.

Therapies and Skills used by Marilyn

Intuitive: Marilyn is an intuitive with considerable skills in reading energy fields. This ability helps her to work with you in person or over the phone as she can “feel”  you whether you are in her physical presence or not.

Quantum Biofeedback: The neuro-psychological link is becoming more a part of health care every day. The role of the mind in health is ever expanding all over the world. Biofeedback is a tool for accessing this link. Modern research has proven the role of stress in disease. When stress first appears it produces a reaction that manifest as a “symptom”. The body is telling you something is out of balance. This is the alarm stage. If the stress persists, then the disease goes deeper while the symptoms may disappear. This is known as the adaptation stage. If the stress continues, eventually the organism will exhaust and the exhaustion stage of deep incurable (so-called) disease takes place. Early Stress detection and reduction is a primary form of healing with expansive results. Stress can be environmental, emotional, spiritual, mental or physical. Marilyn is a NBCB Certified Biofeedback Therapist specializing in the use of EPFX/SCIO(formerly the QXCI), one of the most advanced quantum biofeedback systems available in the world. The SCIO’s range of assessment tools includes over 30 different modalities.

Massage/Neuro-muscular therapy: deep tissue manipulation especially beneficial for postural problems and chronic pain in the body. Marilyn is Certified in Neuromuscular therapy and a Licensed Massage Therapist. * Marilyn is not performing any bodywork at this time. However, her training in this modality helps her to serve you in other ways.

Aromatherapy treatment: involves the use of essential oils and can be used to treat pain, stress, nervousness, etc. … the oils used will vary depending on the problem… essential oils assist in oxygenating the body (which helps to reduce pain and promotes healing). They also affect the limbic system of your brain (emotional center; reward & punishment behavior/deeply held trauma). They can be effective in anchoring positive biofeedback. They were originally used by ancient cultures for healing as long as 5,000 years ago. They contain chemical constituents that are the basis of modern pharmaceuticals but these constituents are in a package blended by nature. Marilyn is a certified Phyto-Aromatherapist. She has developed a line of healing aromatherapy blends which she has used for many years in her practice. She also develops personalized blends for individuals.

Flower Essence therapy:
involves the use of Flower Essences to help relieve various stress symptoms and to assist in spiritual alignment. Marilyn creates flower essence blends to assist you in elevating your energy field and release and heal. She makes her own flower essences as well as using essences from the Australian Bush Flower Essences, Perelandra and FES (Flower Essence Society). She also creates individualized healing blends.

REIKI/energy work: Reiki is a form of healing with the hands…other types of energy work may be called Therapeutic Touch, Polarity Therapy, Attunement, etc.…these treatments can be very relaxing, may assist physical problems and emotional healing, balance the bodies energy field, & assist in promoting growth and awareness. Marilyn is a Reiki Master. She utilizes energy work in person and in long distance healing.

One Brain: a brain and body balancing education and emotional/stress release technique. It utilizes muscle testing and various  release techniques to assist with the stress of compulsive behaviors, learning disabilities, pain in the body and emotional release. It is a highly effective method as it bypasses the conscious mind and works with what is being held in the subconscious and body levels of awareness. Marilyn is a certified facilitator and instructor of this education.

Feng Shui – Clearing and Balancing Your Home, Land or Business: Identify and balance geo-pathic stress and other energies/imbalances in your living space or business that may contribute to insomnia, illness, depression, or lack of productivity, etc.  Your environment is as important as what you do for your physical body. You interact with it emotionally and energetically. (i.e. we all seem to feel better when the bed is made and the house is clean!) Marilyn is a certified practitioner of Tibetan Black Sect Feng Shui. She has cleared land and homes for years with profound success.

The Reconnection or Reconnective Healing: Marilyn is a certified practitioner of these two modalities of Dr. Eric Pearl’s work. Reconnective Healing is a type of energy work and the Reconnection is a two-part process. The Reconnection is transforming; clients have indicated increases in intuitive faculties, more creativity, more energy and an anchoring of a profound sense of Self never before realized. You may ask for more information about these processes and you can also read The Reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl.

Biomat: The biomat is available during sessions if you choose. This mat is filled with amethyst crystals and also generates a far-infrared signal and negative ions. Some of the positive effects that have been noted with infrared and negative ions are; balancing of autonomic nervous system, revival of cellular function and immune system, improved circulation and removal of toxins from the body, stress release and relaxation.