SPRING EQUINOX ~ Free Long Distance Group Session

Awakening & Planting Time

Awakening & Planting Time

Balance your Life with the Seasons……..

Each year I offer FREE long distance group healing and balancing sessions for the Equinoxes, Solstices and Earth Day.

Spring Equinox  or Vernal Equinox is at 2:35 am EST on March 20, 2010. It is the day of equal light and dark before the days begin to lengthen again. A time for planting new seeds in your garden and in your Consciousness. A time to wake up from the winters slumber and get moving again!

Please join me in celebrating this wonderful time of year by participating in my annual Spring Equinox long distance balancing and healing session. It is a Free service I offer as a way to express my gratitude for the abundance in my life.

This session is to assist you in tapping into the energies that are available for your use in the Spring and to move any blocks you might have to receiving and utilizing that energy.

The Equinox is a day of balance. Both Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine, light and dark are equal in their power and presence on this day. It is a day that brings the powers of growth and prosperity, which are the forces of Spring. It is a day of powerful transformational energies that allow for change that might not be possible on other days of the year.

Tap into these energies with me on the 20th of March.  Take time to balance your life with the rhythms of Nature. There are many challenging changes occurring now on the Earth and in our lives but there are powerful forces available to assist us if we tune in and harness them now.

I will begin on the evening of the 19th with a meditation and fire ceremony for the group. I will also place the group on my SCIO Quantum Bio-feedback device and run programs to assist you in embracing this new energy of Spring. I spend the night camping outside and when I awaken in the morning I meditate further on anchoring in these energies for the group and myself. I encourage you to join me because when we all participate we help each other. I will then complete the SCIO session. Within several days I will send out notes on the session and what I observed in case any of this information might be useful to you on your journey.

Please sign up for my list below. By signing up your name will be included in all further healing sessions as well. If you wish to discontinue, you can do so at any time by unsubscribing.

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