Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries
Venus in Aries

Venus in Aries by Chris Klein-Goss, Astrologer


Venus travels through the sign of Aries from 8 March to 31 March 2010.


Love is ‘On Fire’ now, with the emerging springtime, and we are all vulnerable

to behaving like teenagers just discovering one another.


Aries, as the first sign in the wheel of the year, is focused on ‘self’ discovery and often needs many experiences and temporary relationships, before learning how to involve themselves with others, successfully.


We are totally alert, blood surging through our veins,

engines revved up, and ready for action. It is the season of Birth

and Renewal. We are easily drawn to impulsive, intense, but brief

encounters with others. Colors we want to wear are fire engine red and scarlet.


Skin is prone to eruptions, as we cleans our systems and refresh our energy for rebirth. Aloe preparations can be soothing both internally and externally, and garlic has known cleansing and healing properties.


We may be anxious for quick results, and any delays can bring forth caustic words, if we forget our higher selves in an anxious moment. Time-out under a fir or bay tree, or strolling among ferns can calm and help us realign our spirit. Wearing malachite jewelry, putting mustards or peppers on or in our foods, buying a red poppy from Veterans Organizations can each contribute to channeling our energy into productive directions.


Gardeners would do well to prepare nettle tea for feeding plants in their care. Healers are advised to check the condition of the iris of the eyes among their patients; this may provide clues to solving imbalances in the system.


Healthy outlets for this season’s intense energies are sports, and the race track, roller derby, skateboard park, and tennis courts will all be popular places. Brunswick Germany, Capua Italy, Burgundy France, and Dallas, Texas are locations where culture and history can appeal to our sense of adventure now, and we have plenty of adrenaline flowing, to keep the season filled with new experiences.


Among the Rich-and-Famous with Venus in Aries:

Elizabeth Taylor, Elizabeth Montgomery, Susan Boyle,

Abraham Lincoln, Bob Seger, Bruce Boxleitner and Jack Nicholson.


Chris Klein-Goss can be reached at:


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