Venus in Pisces

Venus in Pisces by Chris Klein-Goss, Astrologer

Venus is in Pisces from 12 Feb to 8 March   pisces-1-1

The Planet of Love, Violets and Valentines travels through the ethereal sign of Pisces from 12 February to 8 March 2010. Pisces is a water sign; ultra sensitive, creative, intuitive, romantic, and sometimes, escape-prone.

These days, we are inclined to express our love most comfortably through secrets and mystery. Messages of love can arrive from an Unknown Admirer, or perhaps we have long held a torch for someone to whom we finally reveal our affection.

Frequently, we find ourselves escaping in daydreams and fantasies. We imagine idyllic scenarios over a weekend in Vermont, or a late winter trip to the Florida Keys. Some may find themselves planning a memorial trip to the beaches of Normandy, France in honor of those who lost their lives there in WW2.

We are magnetically drawn toward all water, even in our bath. A long relaxing soak in a tub of warm water, sprinkled generously with heavenly scented bath salts eases much of the tension and stress that have accumulated in our psyche.

We are very sympathetic to the plights of others now, and are inclined to be quite charitable, as evidenced by the recent broadcast of the ‘Hope for Haiti Now’ fundraiser. Along the same vein, we need to stay alert to the possibility of swindlers who would take advantage of our kind and empathetic feelings. Best to verify the credentials of charity organizations calling to request a donation, or listen carefully to our self-protecting instincts if the dream date appears too-good-to-be-true.

Gardeners are gearing up for the approaching spring, as they pour over seed catalogs, and consider where to place cyclamens, viola, or a pond with water lilies.

We feel safe with solitude and can find contentment curled up on the sofa reading beautiful poetry books, listening to inspirational music, or watching the latest movies and television shows on mediums, psychics and clairvoyants…… Please pass the box of chocolates…

From my heart to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Venus rules perfumery and scent.  Awaken to Grace aromatherapy’s choice for Venus in Pisces is:

Love & Joy

Love & Joy

Love & Joy – A wonderful aromatherapy blend of Rose, Orange, Geranium, Ylang Ylang and four other essential oils.  This special blend is created to help bring joy and love into your life. It may help to increase feelings of self-acceptance and relieve depression. It is uplifting and can help remove anger other blocks to receiving Love. Deepens your Heart center. Also, Great for Grumpy folks !

The bath salts are the perfect choice for a relaxing soak in a nice warm tub where you can enter the dreamy realm of Pisces.

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