Venus in Sagittarius


by Chris Klein, Astrologer

Venus is in Sagittarius from 2 December through Christmas Day, 25 December.

Since Venus represents Love and Sagittarius is the most expansive sign of all, we can encourage and project BIG LOVE, encompassing everyone in the Universe, with our loving thoughts and actions, at this time.

Our focus is on spiritual practices that are in keeping with our own Family traditions. Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, are among the many holidays celebrated around the globe and we find comfort in Churches, Spiritual Centers, Temples and Mosques and their seasonal decorations on display. The larger Cathedrals around the world are likely to have huge crowds attending their services. Much inspiration can be gained from gazing at the beautiful stained glass windows adorning their walls and arches.

While large altars are commonplace in these stately buildings, we can also benefit from having a personal altar in our own living space. Decorating a personal altar with orchids or other exotic flowers, green plants, orange altar cloths, and animal fetishes can all contribute to a spiritually contemplative atmosphere. This enables us to easily expand into reflection upon our higher philosophical beliefs, those teachers who inspired us in our past, and the abundance we are each seeking to create both for ourselves and those we love, as well as for the greater good of all.

Wood Betony is an herb associated with the season, and has a traditional reputation for centering thoughts and calming one’s mindset. Orange is a color strongly associated with Sagittarius, and carrying orange color crystals in one’s pocket can assist us in remaining focused on a goal. The liver is one of the most important organs of the body, and a liver cleanse can be of healing benefit during this season of frequent overindulgence.

This is a wonderful time for inspirational music, particularly the angelic notes of the harp. Animals are strongly associated with this season, and ‘The Animals Christmas” by Art Garfunkel/Amy Grant/London Symphony Orchestra, tells the story of Christmas, as seen through the eyes of these sacred creatures.

While Venus travels through Sagittarius, remember to be appropriately giving where and when you can, expand your heart center, and foster an absolutely generous, loving spirit toward all beings.

Famous Personalities with Venus in Sagittarius:

Albert Schweitzer, Germaine Greer, Farrah Fawcett,

Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, Diana Gabaldon, Ed Harris,

Whoopie Goldberg and Frank Zappa


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Chris also informed me that Venus  rules “scent” and “perfumery”!

Our Awaken to Grace pick for Venus in Sagittarius is: Clear Mind Clear Heart.

It is perfect for helping you to be in the space of Big Love!

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