What is Prosperity?

True Prosperity Radiates from the Heart

True Prosperity Radiates from the Heart

Prosperity Lives in Your Heart

The healing sessions are not just about trying to have more money or things. The goal is to open you  to the idea of a prosperous universe, a place where all are provided for. They help you play a part in that by assisting in removing blocks to your own prosperity. This frees you to have more to share with others and a cycle of giving and receiving is continually perpetuated.

When we can let go of feelings of lack many things happen. Often, anger disappears…how often would you be angry with someone if all your needs were being met? Your need for love, friendship, home, food and financial abundance. If these are fulfilled it is easier to keep a smile on your face and you feel like helping others…..

Prosperity is also about noticing and being grateful for what we do have…..instead of always longing for more…There is a balance to be achieved and that is one of the goals of the sessions.

Prosperity and abundance mean different things to different people. Some are happy with very little and some feel they need more. Sometimes people do need more depending upon what their soul is here to accomplish.

The important thing is to feel in your own Heart what makes YOU feel fulfilled and then you will know true prosperity. This often takes sorting through many belief systems and ideas from others about what true abundance is until you find the truth in your own Heart. This is another goal of these healing sessions, to remove blocks to you knowing your own Heart.

These sessions are to help you align with the energy of True Prosperity, of Grace, of an ever abundant Universe. There is a lot of fear circulating on the planet right now and anything we each do to help counter balance that helps us all.

Namaste, Marilyn    

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