Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse for Spring? Balance Your Energy

The yin/yang of Wood, the energy of Spring

The yin/yang of Wood, the energy of Spring

by Marilyn Edwards

Spring is the season of Wood and the organs of spring are Liver and Gallbladder… is a time of rebirth, renewal and setting the vision for a whole new cycle. In Spring the expression of life is at its strongest and it causes us to look clearly at ourselves and others. It is a wonderful time to take advantage of the opportunity for growth.

While spring can challenge us to grow and change we can feel discomfort in our bodies and psyches if we are blocking the energies of growth and renewal. The best way to prepare your body for these energies is to make sure your liver and gall bladder are functioning properly. Your body is your receiver and you want it tuned into the highest available energy!

In Chinese medicine the liver function is considered to be the grand architect for our vision of the future. It sees the direction we need to take to live life in harmony with Nature. It is the Yin or feminine aspect of the Wood/Spring energy. The gallbladder is considered to assist in the ability to make decisions and wise judgements. It is the Yang or masculine aspect of the Wood/Spring energy. When these organs are balanced and functioning correctly our bodies are strong and we make wise decisions and implement them.

The Liver is a reservoir of blood and plays a role in manufacturing vitamins, glucose, hormones and it helps to filter the blood. When it is functioning well one has discernment, mental clarity and good creative life force. If there is an excess of energy in the liver……one can be angry, resentful, and discontented with life. Physically there is congestion, headache and possibly alternating constipation and diarrhea and sexual problems. When this persists an insuffiency and emptiness of energy can develop causing one to be overwhelmed by emotions, have hostility, and possibly even wish to die. There may be physical symptoms of anemia, neuroses from lack of blood, impotency, and apathy, fear of speaking, crying uncontrollably, or even fear of death. Fear and Anger can be out worst enemies. In Chinese medicine the Liver is the seat of the Soul and carries ancestral energy as well.

The Gallbladder is the warrior, it is yang and represents courage, audacity, and fearlessness. It helps you to make decisions and take action. All organs take their orders from gall bladder. It is the director of energy. Gall bladder is connected to the cosmos and can help you move beyond to higher knowledge and free you from worldly thoughts. A person with strong gallbladder energy can give orders with eyes that speak without speaking.

If Gallbladder is excessive you can have feelings of apprehension, discontentment, jealousy and envy. You may be insecure but appear to be stubborn and irritable. Physical problems accompanying this excess are migraines, asthma, constipation and needing to sleep a lot. When the energy drops too low you may feel cold, have low blood pressure and insomnia. You may feel fearful and anxious. If it goes on for too long you may become self righteous and authoritarian with an undercurrent of anger which can eventually become boughts of depression (anger turned inward) and fear of failure. Restlessness, chest pain and sighing for no reason can accompany this phase. Gallbladder represents the vital impulse that brings a message from the universe. It is courageous and has good judgement.

It is really important on the energetic and physical levels to have these organs functioning well. If your liver and gallbladder are sluggish you may have allergies, asthma, inability to digest food well and weight gain that is very difficult to take off. You may well feel stymied and as if nothing is going your way which leads to anger and fear and eventually exhaustion.

If you have big visions but never seem to be able to take them anywhere, it may help to cleanse and stimulate Gallbladder. If you feel like your vision is dead then the Liver may need some assistance.

Help yourself by giving your liver and gallbladder a good cleanse this spring. Listed below are some links to information on gallbladder/liver cleanses and treatments. Hope you find it useful!

Blessings, Marilyn

At the two links below you will find information on many different kinds of liver and gallbladder flushes that can be done with little expense. One of the mildest and very efficient ones I have used is the Classic Coke Gallbladder Flush. It is in this list……very simple and very efficient. Some others are more difficult and provide a deeper cleanse but read and decide what is right for you.

Remember, if you have a condition consult your physician. There are cases of gallbladder stones being too large to pass but most normal people should be able to do these flushes with ease.

Liver and Gallbladder cleanses and flushes

My friend Brenda’s Castor Oil Liver poultice.

by Brenda Eversole-Zimmerman

I  call this treatment a “Liver Pack”.        It is a Castor oil poultice placed on the skin over your liver.
1.    Get some water heating for your hot water bottle – (You may use a heating pad)
2.    Apply castor oil to the area over your liver (under right rib cage). If you have essential oils on hand there are several that help aid liver function, I like geranium, so I put a drop of that on too.
3.    I rub the oil into this area  for a few minutes to direct extra energy to the liver.
4.    Next, cover the oil with plastic wrap (You can also cover the oil with gauze pads, or a piece of flannel, then plastic wrap)
5.    Lay down with a hot water bottle (wrapped in a towel, as hot as you can stand) over the plastic wrap.
6.    Use this time (20 minutes) to relax and visualize the liver letting go of its toxins.
7.    If I’m doing this for someone else, I cover their eyes with an eye pillow and play relaxing music.

This is a powerful treatment tool. The castor oil can dissolve and draw out cysts, tumors, warts, growths, and other toxic accumulations.
Upon completion and after you wipe off the oils, if the treated area is red, splotchy, or rash like, that is GREAT. This indicates the release of toxins by your liver. The longer the area remains after you complete the session, the more you know you really need to keep doing this treatment.
This is also a great treatment to use on the skin area over the uterus.


This is my personal experience. I had done my first Liver Pack treatment and had an area about 6” in diameter that was welted, the diameter shrunk down to about 2”, but stayed for 2 days. Later that week,  I received test results that I confirmed I had an ameoba in my liver. So, the irritation that was showing was validated by a report that there was indeed something going on in my liver.
I had a client who had a rather extreme, delayed reaction after her first “liver pack”. Her skin opened up and pus poured for a week. We continued the treatments weekly, and after  3 weeks the skin was healed beautifully. (Castor oil also helps soften and remove scars)

I hope this contributes to your health and I wish you Good luck, Brenda


Always consult your health care professional if you have any condition that you are unsure of when using Natural cures. We have to recognize that results of cleansing don’t always look pretty to begin with. If you are unsure, or have never tried various cleanses before, get some assistance or research until you are comfortable with your knowledge and feel safe in practicing a natural cleanse. This article is meant to give you an awareness of the possibilities, the final decision rests with you and your health care provider. I am hoping you find this information useful.

Open to the energy of Spring. Balance your Wood energy and decide to implement your new Vision for this year. May you enjoy love, prosperity, good health and compassion.

Namaste, Marilyn

If you feel that I might be of assistance to you I am available for phone/skype consultations. Click this link for more information.


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