winter_solstice1by Chris Klein-Goss, Astrologer

At this Solstice Celebration, we take note that we have ‘made it through’ a difficult year. There is hardly a soul unaffected by the political, economic, security, or health controversies swirling around the planet these days. Now, we are ready to Take-A-Break!

Mars, the planet of action, adrenalin and sometimes anger, is Retrograde now until 10 March of next year. Our energy slows with the winter season, and it may well remain slow or even stalled, until spring.

This is a cycle best utilized by spending time in reflection and taking stock of our lives. Cultivating new ways of cooperating, being more objective, withdrawing inside to inventory ourselves and our behavior is most helpful. The energy available now can be very positive, if we do not ‘push-the-river’.

Students of history do well to look at the lessons of the past, and find ways to apply those experiences to problems we face in the present and for clues to our direction in the future.

If the ways we have been functioning or the people we have been spending time with are not contributing to helping us achieve our higher purpose, we need to step back, make changes in our methods, and release people that anchor or stifle us inappropriately. Fall Back, Regroup, Adapt and Overcome. Those who work with the Tarot will recognize the association with the 4 of Swords and stepping out of the battle of daily life, to rest.

Mercury, the information planet adds to the clean-it-up campaign as it turns Retrograde in it’s orbit from 27 December until 15 January. We do well to attend to old paperwork, repair any rifts with parents or siblings, reconnect with schoolmates of days gone by, and consider donating books no longer used to the library or local resale shop. Reformulate plans of the past that need updating. Plant seeds of new thought and direction. Release old beliefs that no longer serve.

The financial gluttony of recent years is required to give way to the conservative air of the present, and the near future. Frugal is ‘in’. It took a long time to dig the financial pit that money is in; we must allow proportionate and patient effort to lift ourselves out.

The ‘Flower Children’ of the 1960’s are in power now. How are we (yes, I’m one…) using that power? Now is the time to make those visions and ideals become a reality. Solar and wind energy were jokes back then, pursued mostly by independent visionaries; now they are rapidly becoming a reality for the masses. Using your current talents, or developing new ones to participate in the new paradigm is the direction of the future.

What personal  ‘old’ visions hide in our thoughts, that could actually be manifest in reality now? What unique surprises, brilliant inventions, or healing gifts remain untapped in your personal subconscious? It’s a magical time of planning, planting seeds, changing directions and looking for better methods to achieve the reality of our dreams. If anyone doubts the belief in making your dreams really come true, stop and reflect on the meteoric rise to fame that Susan Boyle of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ achieved, this past year.

Whether individually or collectively, we have the power at a grass-roots level, to make a difference. Charitable organizations or legal systems may or may not rescue a neighbor who is living in chaos. A simple gift of a casserole, a donation of a book or a toy for a child, or shoveling the snow covered driveway of a senior citizen can make a world of difference in a life.  There are countless opportunities to help, if we slow down a moment to breathe deeply and look around us.

December’s Lunar Eclipse in Cancer and the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn to follow in January, urge letting go of old emotional responses and views that no longer serve our current home and family, and propel us toward a new form of security based on structure, conservation, and practical leadership. Unethical behavior on the part of those who are chosen to be our leaders is likely to come to the attention of the public. None of us are exempt from the need to clean up our act.

One of the herbs associated with this season is Mistletoe. It has the gift of bringing positive energy into the home, and sharing the tradition of a kiss under the mistletoe allows our spirits to open to the deeper creativity within ourselves.

Life is changing, without doubt. How will we adapt to these inevitable changes, in order to manifest the Highest Good for ourselves and for all? Take the time and opportunity at this Winter Solstice for that reflective thought…

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