Winter Solstice 2012 Celebrating in Love & Peace from the Deep Heart




Infinite Love, Infinite Joy, Co-creating with Nature

Hi Everyone…… here is the information for the Winter Solstice Group Long Distance Seasons Balance for 2012.

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11pm Eastern Standard Time – December 20, 2012

I will begin the session with a prayer and also calibrating the group on my biofeedback device. You may tune in and be still at that time for about 20 minutes if you can. If you can go outside and touch the Earth that is even better!

It isn’t a requisite to follow the schedule presented here to benefit but you may do so if you feel led to. However, I do ask that at some point everyone make the effort to say the prayer to benefit us all. It can be the one below or one of your own choosing. I also ask that you take a moment to go outside to say this prayer if at all possible. Thanks. 🙂

I will offer this prayer after calibrating the group and I will spend time calling out each individual name. Several friends who are also healers will be helping to anchor this energy with me on my land and we will do this around a fire in which I will place sacred ash from many Native American ceremonies that has been given to me as a gift. We will be camping outside and tending the fire all night as a symbol for moving through the darkness into the light.


“Divine Creator, Universal Consciousness…

Thank your for the opportunity to come together in Love for mankind and Nature.

Thank you for assisting us to balance our lives in harmony with your beautiful Earth and open our Deep Heart in connection with each other and all life.

We are grateful for the opportunity to help bring a new world of peace and harmony into reality. Help us each day to hold the vision of the world our hearts want to live in and give us the creativity, knowledge and wisdom to do this in harmony with our beautiful Earth.

In deepest Gratitude and Love, Thank you.”

6:12 am Eastern Standard Time (actual Solstice) December 21, 2012

I will energetically stimulate the acupuncture seasonal Horary points and then we will begin meditation and energy balancing with the group. The meditation will end at 6:45 am. I will complete any energetic balancing with the biofeedback and on December 22, 2012 I will post a notice to the group on any information we receive.

Thank you all!

Much Love, Marilyn