Winter Solstice 2012 Free Group Long Distance Seasons Balance Session

by Marilyn Edwards

Opening the Deep Heart and Connecting with Nature

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The Winter Solstice 2012 will soon be upon us. This date has been spoken about for many years. Many predictions have been made, some in fear, some in love. Personally I believe each Winter Solstice is an opportunity and gateway to re-balance ourselves and tune ourselves to Nature. I do believe this year is an opening to a powerful gateway for new way of being for humanity.

“The accurate content of the message for the Maya Prophecy for our times is that the date of December 21, 2012 is nothing more than a general marker, a specific date that in fact indicates a whole era, an era of hope, an era of opportunity – the opportunity to re-establish a sense of community amongst all humans of this planet…” -From The Maya Taino Prophecy Initiative, led by Maya Elder Antonio Aj Ik and Taino Elder Miguel Sague –

We are in times when we need great change. It is time to open our deepest hearts and go within to ask how we can be a part of the solution for a better life on this Earth. We have reached a breaking point that requires a reset.

How are you going to use this energy to help bring things back into balance in your life, your land and your community?

The more we are actively engaged and aware of this date as a marker for a new cycle on Earth, the more we can align ourselves and our actions to help it unfold. Winter Solstice 2012 marks a zero point, a time of completion and of beginning.  Some say this was called “Creation Day” by the ancient Mayans.

I think the essential message of the 2012 Prophecy is that the more each of us awakens to our personal contribution and responsibility to this moment of change, the greater the possibilities for positive change will be.

Some people have projected either tremendous fear or tremendous hope onto  this date. I believe we are in the midst of a subtle internal change that will slowly amp up and provide us with the impetus to change our lives and the way we are living to be more in harmony with each other and the Earth. I intend to spend a good bit of time between the Dec. 20 – Dec.23 on an inward journey calling for an alignment within myself to the harmony needed to live in tune with Nature and in deep compassion.

We stress so much. I have found over the years, when I spend ample time in Nature and living with respect for all life, that I feel better. I have more fun, I feel more joyful and creative, more loving…..I enjoy life more. I am going to spend this time looking deeply within to see how I can do a better a job of this, anchoring in this new Crystalline energy I feel all around. I am choosing to help create a world where my heart feels rested and filled up and I am capable of having real caring capacities for all life because I am filled up with the joy of living in balance and harmony.

This is the time to fill up, open up and anchor in all the energy and love you need.

To assist in this process I am offering a free Seasons Balancing Group Long Distance Session for Opening the Deep Heart and Connecting with Nature. This can be done in addition to any other activity you  might have planned for the 21rst.

Please feel free to pass this information on to others you think might be interested. You must be signed up for the session by 9pm EST on Thursday, December 20, 2012.

You will receive an email Wednesday night with instructions for the session. It does not require that you participate during the entire session. I do ask that each person who is on the list be willing to say a prayer for the group, either the one I provide or one of your own. This is to bring the energy of the group together and for each of us to hold everyone in their hearts.

What can happen in our collective consciousness when each of us really owns the power of our personal contribution to our shared responsibility for the future?

You may get more details and sign up for this session HERE.  Blessings, Marilyn



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