Winter Solstice 2014

Winter Solstice 2014

Balancing Structure/Rebellion/New Rules – Winter Solstice 2014

As we come upon the Winter Solstice many of us are feeling as if we don’t know what is real anymore. We might be finding ourselves with no words……and that’s good.

When we reach the place of not knowing what to do, we let go….and then we have room for the new! Some of you may already have reached this point and are getting ready to give structure to the new. Some have been sitting in the “not knowing” for awhile.

A deep quiet has descended upon some of us while we still juggle the outside world. We might find ourselves rebelling against the demands of our physical world…we don’t want to live the status quo anymore! We want time to breathe, time to rest, time to create, time to be, time to love……we need new rules to live by. We are finding the need for structure to move forward…. but NOT the old ones, we need something new and it is not coming from the outside….we have to find the courage to “be” that new way NOW.

Much of 2014 continued the theme of the past several years…things blowing apart and pushing us to our limits or time spent in a waiting game to see where we fit and having no idea how to proceed forward. Old structures and beliefs were being decimated…….sometimes nothing seemed to work…….all these things made us re-evaluate what has value, caused us to dig deep to find our true values and sometimes left us clueless how to stay on the planet. If we got through all that with our hearts intact, we found ourselves saying, “I just want to simplify, do something from love, be of service……yikes, how am I going to survive?” I can’t tell you how many times I heard that this year!

Complicated doesn’t fit anymore and it has some of us wanting to run to the woods. However, it really is time to take this new (ancient) energy we have tapped into in our hearts and give it a new structure. We need to let go of old structures, rituals and dogma that have no inherent heart meaning to us anymore and create a simplified structure for a new way of being. Even something simple like throwing out the old junk and organizing is a good place to start creating this new structure. It needs to be simple, flexible and alive. We need to be able to breathe and we need to trust there is a way for it to work.

Reality that starts with inspiration is the new way. Focus and attention are needed but no box. We don’t even need to think outside the box, we need to realize there is no box!

New Moon & Winter Solstice Combined

Winter Solstice is the time of the longest night and then the beginning of the light returning. The coming of winter is the time to gather the energy you will need for Spring.

We have a New Moon this year on the Solstice so we are planting big new seeds while things are still murky and we can’t see how they will grow.  We are planting new seeds at a still point, the point where light and dark are balanced…… a perfect time to move past duality into the unity consciousness and the creative life force energy of the Zero point. … gathering the energy needed for something completely new and not yet in form.

This is part of the new energy. One step at a time, not always knowing everything in advance……not controlling and planning but staying focused on the vision and the love in our hearts and taking a step each day, the one we can see. As we do this a new reality forms around us that feels alive. It takes courage. These times feel so uncertain, we all want to reach for something to feel safe….we are learning to reach inside for this safety and peace.

Free Winter Solstice Balancing Session

I offer a Free long distance group healing session for balancing the energy of the Seasons on the Equinoxes and Solstices…. for more info and to sign up go HERE. The next session, Winter Solstice, will be on Sunday, December 21, 2014 starting at 5:30 pm EST.

Below is information that is true year after year…..looking at this time of year through acupuncture horary seasonal treatments.

The Element of Water

Our Kidney chi is associated with the element of Water. The kidney/bladder meridians are the ones associated with the Winter horary points in Five Element Acupuncture. Centered in the lower belly, water energy is a strong generative force . To be fearless, determined, and able to endure in pursuit of our goals we need strong Kidney chi.

Perseverance and longevity are associated with strong kidney chi and it is the storehouse of the most concentrated ancestral energy that we inherit and pass on through generations. When we don’t take time to care for ourselves and replenish ourselves through rest, good food, good company, and being in Nature;  our body will go to this chi center to pull energy. When we have depleted Kidney chi we are in serious need of rest and recuperation. Winter is a time for this.

Signs of Weak Kidney Qi

A person with Water imbalance can be withdrawn, fearful or anxious. They can also have problems with fertility, sexuality, urination or water metabolism. They may appear puffy or have dark circles under their eyes. Kidney Qi can often decline with aging.

The color of the Kidney is black, like the night, and it rules in the winter, a time when living things are slowed by cold and lie dormant conserving energy for the spring.

This is the season for balancing your kidney/bladder chi. Kidney/bladder energy fires and holds our Spiritual Essence, our Life Force, which provides will power, creativity, sexual energy and fuels ambition.

The Kidney Meridian is considered the “Root of Life” because it houses the essence we receive at conception. This meridian also includes the adrenals(which are physically on top of the kidneys.) The adrenal glands secrete a wide array of essential hormones that regulate metabolism, support immunity, and control sexual potency and fertility. The Chinese also considered Kidney energy  to control the health of bone and marrow, which also included the brain and the spinal cord in their interpretation.

The Bladder excretes the waste……..time to let go! Sometimes we can’t let go of a circumstance immediately but we can let go of how we are thinking about it. Now is a wonderful time to let go of grudges, anger, stress and worry. Let go and make room for something new.

This is the time of year we can draw in this Life Force energy to fuel us for the coming year. If we do not take time to do this during the Winter months we may feel out of sorts and tired for our entire coming year. Take time to relax, spend time joyfully with good friends, the earth, and yourself.

Signs of imbalance in this energy can be swelling, bloating,  difficulty urinating, great anxiety, and inability to digest food. High blood pressure can show up if the blood flow through your kidneys is inadequate. Inability to cope, fear of change, craving salt, loss of balance can also indicate lack of harmony in the Kidney/Bladder meridians.

Fear of letting go can bring on phobias.

Watch Your Nervous System

As usual, peoples nervous systems are amped right now with the Holiday energy, not to mention everything else going on in the world.

It helps to keep away from sugar, coffee, and alcohol as much as possible. These are all neuro-stimulants. Take time out for baths, aromatherapy, herbal teas, time in Nature or sitting by a fire.

Namaste and so much Love, Marilyn

Free Winter Solstice Balancing Session

I offer a Free long distance group healing session for balancing the energy of the Seasons on the Equinoxes and Solstices…. for more info and to sign up go HERE. The next session, Winter Solstice, will be on Sunday, December 21, 2014 starting at 5:30 pm EST.

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