Winter Solstice, Time to Balance

Time to Balance Kidney/Bladder Energy

Soon it will be Winter Solstice. This is the time of year to bring ourselves into balance. It is time to begin to slow down and renew  ourselves so that we can begin  a new cycle in the Spring with all the energy we need.

2012 has been an intense year for many and it is really important when you have had a lot of stress to take this time to slow down and nurture yourself.

We are on the verge of breaking through to a new paradigm of consciousness and it has been a rough ride. Slow down, listen to your body and take a time out.

This is the season for balancing your kidney/bladder chi. Kidney/bladder energy fires and holds our Spiritual Essence, our Life Force, which provides will power, creativity, sexual energy and fuels ambition.

The Kidney Meridian is considered the “Root of Life” because it houses the essence we receive at conception. This meridian also includes the adrenals(which are physically on top of the kidneys.) The adrenal glands secrete a wide array of essential hormones that regulate metabolism, support immunity, and control sexual potency and fertility. The Chinese also considered Kidney energy  to control the health of bone and marrow, which also included the brain and the spinal cord in their interpretation.

The Bladder excretes the waste……..time to let go! Sometimes we can’t let go of a circumstance immediately but we can let go of how we are thinking about it. Now is a wonderful time to let go of grudges, anger, stress and worry. Let go and make room for something new.

This is the time of year we can draw in this Life Force energy to fuel us for the coming year. If we do not take time to do this during the Winter months we may feel out of sorts and tired for our entire coming year. Take time to relax, spend time joyfully with good friends, the earth, and yourself. Let yourself be renewed so that your life force will be ready for a very brilliant expression that is coming in this New Year of 2013.

Signs of imbalance in this energy can be swelling, bloating,  difficulty urinating, great anxiety, and inability to digest food. High blood pressure can show up if the blood flow through your kidneys is inadequate. Inability to cope, fear of change, craving salt, loss of balance can also indicate lack of harmony in the Kidney/Bladder meridians.

Fear of letting go can bring on phobias. Believe me this year you Have To Let Go! We are coming into a new paradigm for living. There is a lot of turmoil around us but everywhere you look you also see people opening their hearts and looking for a better way to live on this planet. If I can say one thing to you, Let Go, Let Go, Let Go…….each time go deeper into your Being. Let go of everything you thought was “the way it was”. Let your divine creativity bring you a new paradigm and embrace it with positive right action.

Spend the last few weeks of this year positively focusing on the magic you want to create, renewing yourself and taking solid steps towards a new reality. Rest when you need to, that is a step towards creating!  Spend time out in Nature. Nature will give you the message…..She is not busy now! She is still, preparing for the new in the Spring.

May your coming year be blessed with an all encompassing knowing of the Beauty of Your Spirit and the most incredible Divine Love that supports it.

Blessings, Marilyn


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